Guide to collecting art prints April 13 2015

Art prints have in fact revolutionized the art world,and this article has a few need to know things that can help you in the purchase of your next Art Print.

Because of the advancements in technology,the terms "original" and "Limited Edition" are to say the lest,hazy,unlike photographic prints of old they had to be reproduced on photosensitive paper.

Giclée Prints

Art prints on the other hand,are inkjet prints on non-photosensitive papers,or giclée printing. Pronounced "gicler" meaning ('"to spray or squirt") inks or pigments onto paper,a giclée print shows a continuous tone image.Giclée prints can be made on most textured papers,and if mounted look amazingly like paintings.

* what is a fine art print?
* what is an original print?
* what is a limited edition?
* what is a monoprint?
* what is a reproduction?

What is a fine art print?

A fine art print is an artwork on paper created by an artist, sometimes in collaboration with a printing expert. The artist makes the final decision on when a print is ready for production, and the artist signs each print.

What is an original print?

The term "original print" does not mean "unique", in that an original print is not (necessarily) one of a kind. A one of a kind original print is called a monoprint (more information below). Instead, the term "original print" means that this is the intended form of the final artwork -- the artist originally set out expressly to make the print. Compare this to my explanation of reproductions, below.

What is a limited edition?

A limited edition is a series of identical original art prints, numbered from 1 to whatever, and signed by the artist. Although the prints are not one of a kind, they are each considered a work of art. The key to any limited edition is that the artist only prints a certain number... then, never prints that image again.If the image were from a woodblock or an etching plate, the block or plate would be destroyed when the edition was completely printed. In my case I destroy the original digital file when the edition is completely printed.

The numbering system for limited edition prints shows the print number over the total quantity in the edition. Print #7 out of 100 would have this written on it: 7/100. Lower numbers are printed first and sold first, so they are generally more highly prized than later prints.

What is a monoprint?

A monoprint is an original, unique work of art. That means there's just one. A limited edition of one, if you will. It's still called a print since the media is printmaking.

What is a reproduction, then?

As opposed to an original print, the print is not a reproduction or a copy of some other artwork, like a print of a painting, of a photo, or of a watercolor. A poster of the Mona Lisa, for example, would be considered a reproduction.

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