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Photographing farm jewelry September 23 2014

This blog post is written by Cow Art and More founder and jewelry artist, Kathy Swift.

Full disclosure:  I am not a photographer.  I barely know enough to be dangerous. 

This is a picture of my setup.  I put my 'smarter than me' camera on a mini tripod, which comes up to my knees.  I put the charm on a box, with some scenery to get the picture.  (The charm may be hard to see, but it's at the end of the yellow arrow.)

In this photography session from a couple of weeks ago, I wanted something very 'farmish' and natural as the background.  I decided some pretty, green hay was in order.

The problem with wanting pretty, green hay in Florida is that WE DON'T HAVE ANY!  The stuff we feed here, quite frankly, are mini tree trunks and it's never pretty.  It's that stemmy, ugly stuff that you have hiding in the back of your barn that you will use to bed with this winter.

So I tasked dear hubby with finding me some pretty hay.


Two hours later, he walked in with this:


Yes, it's a bag of Western timothy hay he got from one of those large scale pet stores.  As you can see, it's meant for rodents and rabbits and such.  What's the price for a bag of hay this pretty you ask?  Why it was only $6 for the one pound bag.  Not bad, until you start thinking about it in farming terms and realize it's $12,000 a ton.

Maybe I'm in the wrong business.











Nonetheless, I think it was worth it.


You can find Kathy and her jewelry charms at the World Dairy Expo, September 30 through October 4, 2014, Madison, Wisconsin.

Cow Art and More to exhibit at the 2014 World Dairy Expo August 29 2014

Cow Art and More, the art gallery where 'art and agriculture' meet, will once again attend the World Dairy Expo.  This year's exposition, held yearly in Madison, Wisconsin, will be September 30 to October 4.  Gallery owner and jewelry artist Kathy Swift is excited to announce a new booth location in the exhibition hall.  "We are excited to be in the Exhibition Hall this year with other arts and crafts vendors," says Swift.  "While being the coliseum has always meant being closer to the cattle shows, we're looking forward to being with other exhibits similar to ours."  Cow Art and More will have an array of art and craft at booth 6303 in the exhibition hall.

Find out more about the Expo at



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