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About Us

Cow Art and More is the art gallery where "art and agriculture meet." Cow Art and More's goal is to make original and limited edition art centered around the agriculture community, with all its visual and emotional appeal, more accessible to members of the agriculture community so that it can become a bigger part of an increasing number of people's everyday lives. Cow Art and More also strives to provide its customers with the best in personalized customer service. Since 2008, Cow Art and More has shipped art worldwide.

While not a traditional "brick and mortar" gallery, Cow Art and More still upholds itself to the same standards as any other art gallery; artists are selected by committee based upon the quality and uniqueness of their work. Every artist is interviewed and is carefully considered by the art selection committee before inclusion on Cow Art and More. Each artist must uphold to our high standards not only in artwork quality, but also in providing excellent customer care. Cow Art and More also works to safeguard the online security and privacy of its users.

Cow Art and More was started in 2008 by Kathy McComb Swift, a veterinarian and jewelry artist. While growing up on a dairy farm in Virginia, Kathy was able to combine her love for cows with her love for art. However, a choice to go to veterinary school made it almost impossible to further her artistic career, so she put it aside while pursuing a veterinary career. In 2001, while serving the veterinary needs of Florida's cattle industry, she had a chance meeting with a local jewelry artist that renewed her interest in art and jewelry making. Over the next few years, Kathy continued to improve her jewelry making skills by taking classes at the University of Florida, Penland School of Craft and William Holland School of Lapidary Arts. During this time, however, she made a contemporary line of silver jewelry, involving precious and semi-precious stones. Kathy sold this jewelry to local art shops, boutiques and art fairs across Florida. While she loved working with cows, she struggled to find a way to realistically and artistically represent cattle and farming in her jewelry. In 2007, the idea of a dairy cow charm was born. She decided to sell her cattle jewelry on a online and include art from other artists with an agricultural focus. Hence, Cow Art and More was born.

In addition to providing top notch quality art, Kathy takes great pride in providing personal customer service generally lacking from today's large "box" stores. She enjoys taking calls from customers, as this gives her the best opportunity to interact with the public and to find out about other needs they may have. Cow Art and More also provides same day service and offering a money back guarantee on purchases. Kathy also believes strongly in supporting the future of agriculture. Cow Art and More has made a commitment to help charity and non-profit groups with their fundraisers to support their projects.


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