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Keep Calm cow pendant

$ 12.00

What's a cow lover's best kept secret?  That being able to say a cow is your best friend is the key to a long and happy life.  These pendants serve as a simple reminder that 'keeping calm' is as easy as hanging out with one of your favorite four-legged friends.

These pendants come in three different sayings and fifteen different colors.  Chose from

  • Keep calm and milk cows
  • Keep calm and show cows
  • Keep calm and love cows

The colorful sayings are included in a 1 inch round, flared edge bottle cap.  Included is a 24 inch silver tone chain which can be cut to any length and still fit into the connector end.  These pendants make a perfect gift!

Pendants are made when ordered.  Please allow an additional 2 business days before your purchase is shipped.

by Kathy McComb Swift

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